Being a mom is tough no matter what, but throw the word “step” in front of it, and the job becomes even more complicado. WELCOME TO NACHO MOM, a special place where stepmoms can come indulge in blogs + videos that discuss the challenges and joys of step motherhood over a bowl of nachos. Why over a bowl of nachos you ask? Well for starters, they’re delicious. Plus, I’m half Mexican and I like to infuse food & fun into any situation possible.

- Jennifer Zelman

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What is a NaCHO MOM?

Instead of putting all this pressure on yourself to be a perfect mom to your stepkids, remember, you're not there to replace mom (they already have one). Say it loud and proud: I'm NACHO MOM. Say it aloud a few times and you'll get it. Not your mom is a phrase us stepmoms need to embrace because we need to be reminded that we shouldn't be aiming to impersonate mom but rather carve out a special and unique role for ourselves. Sometimes this endeavor comes with its frustrating and confusing moments and what better way to navigate the tricky road through stepmotherhood than to have a dialogue with other people experiencing the same things you are. At Nacho Mom, you'll have access to insightful blogs+videos and the ability to start conversations with like minded people that will engage, enlighten and at the very least, entertain you. And of course we'll also throw in some fun topics like food, cocktails, makeup, exercise and lots more to make sure we keep you entertained. Life is too short to be so serious all the time!