December 16, 2016

Nobody wants to be a third wheel, but unfortunately as a stepmom, I sometimes get this feeling. For me, there are two scenarios where this is most apparent. One, when my husband and I go out to dinner with his two kids (my stepchildren). They are teenagers so they are...

December 14, 2016

At the heart of Nacho Mom, there is the almighty nacho. The hot steamy bowl of deliciousness brings people together like no other. A force, if you will.

But today we start with the foundation of this epic snack: The tortilla chip. Ok so hop in your car and go to your ne...

December 12, 2016

I’m the one who helps my step kids with homework, I’m the one the who cooks them dinner every single night, I’m the one that is there for them through thick and thin. So then WHY is there a twinge of awkwardness every time I say to someone, “I’m their STEP-mom”. Why ar...

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