Welcome to MAKEUP MONDAYS where in under 1 MINUTE stepmoms & moms can get makeup tips and product recommendations from a fellow stepmom/mom/ex-makeup artist.

Monday 9/18/17

I have tried everything on the market to get brighter, whiter teeth and have found Colgate Optic White (the toothpaste/mouthwash duo) to be the most effective for the best price. I use them both everyday for a whiter smile.

Monday 8/28/17: Face Wipes

I hate washing my face because I'm lazy and I always seem to make a giant mess of my sink area. Instead I use the Neutrogena Face Wipes. They are amazing!

Monday 8/21/17: Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow can be over complicated but with this easy step your eyes will look bigger and brighter in no time. 

Monday 8/7/17: Volume

Get mega volume in the quickest, easiest way with Moroccan Oil's Root Boost. Just spray along your roots and use your fingers to pump up that volume.

Monday 7/24/17: Lips

Get a fuller looking lip in a natural way with this easy tip! Thanks to my sister Suzy for being my model :)

Monday 7/17/17: Bronzer

Apply bronzer like a pro! Instead of just wiping it all over your face, use these three motions to get a more dimensional and natural effect. 

Monday 7/10/17: Drawing the Perfect Brow

Brows are SO important in framing your face so it is important to know how to draw in a brow that is natural and suitable for your specific face. Follow these easy steps and voila! The perfect brow. Use this Anastasia brow pencil.

Monday 7/3/17: Eyelash Curling

For summer, minimal makeup is my mantra BUT I will never leave the house without curling my lashes. Learn how to do it right in this edition of Makeup Monday.

Monday 6/26/17: Self Tanning