I am the product of a nacho explosion – not the kind of party in my mouth explosion but more like this is the worst plate of nachos I’ve ever had and now I have massive indigestion explosion. Long story short, my parents divorced when I was 9 years old and my dad remarried a woman (his secretary …I know, how cliché) with a daughter. Love my parents, really I do, but they made LOTS of mistakes when blending our families.


I pretty much grew up with an evil stepmother. I should also mention that my parents always made me feel stuck in the middle, perpetually guilty and afraid that I was wronging one of them at any given moment. They also fed into the tension amongst all the children. My parents were trying their best but they just didn’t know any better.


Fast forward several years and now my dad is single again and the stepmonster and even the step sister are out of the picture. It was a sad story but don’t worry it has a happy ending….


In my twenties I met and fell in love with my husband. But uh oh, my perfect man came with some serious baggage. He was divorced and had two kids (did I mention we have quite the age gap between us?). But wait for it…these kids also lived with him full time. It was a lot to swallow being a young, hot single lady living in NYC but this was my guy. So now three years later we are married, living in Long Island with his two kids, our beautiful new baby girl, and our poodle Ginger. Na-cho average family.


From the moment I met my husband’s children I was extremely cognizant of how I would approach this role as step mother, not only because of my negative experience as a child but also because I loved this man and only wanted what was best for him and furthermore his children (our nachitos).


Through this mindfulness paired with lots of research and frequent, meaningful communication with my spouse, we have managed to create a blended family that I could not be more proud of. The relationships we have built within our unique family structure are filled with love, strength, and lots of fun.Was it always easy? HELL NO. Is our journey and work toward a harmonious family a daily practice? ABSOLUTELY.


So from our family to yours, Nacho Mom will bring you guidance, support and a non-judgmental place where you can discuss step parenting issues with like-minded people living the same experience as you. And who couldn’t also use some easy Mexican inspired recipes to add to their cookbook? After all, the way to anyone’s heart (man or child) is through the stomach!

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