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December 21, 2017

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December 12, 2016

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How to Include Your Stepkids in Your Wedding

March 8, 2017


Spring is in the air and you know what that means! Allergies! Well yes, allergies but it also means weddings will be popping up left and right. My wedding was three years ago and I remember it with such fond memories. Some of my fondest memories being the parts of my wedding where I included my stepkids. Yes, a wedding is the one day where you have a free pass to make it all about YOU, but let’s remember, if your husband has kids, your wedding day isn’t just about a marriage. It is also about the creation of a new family. Therefore, I think it is really important to acknowledge your stepkids at your wedding. Nothing over the top, just a little something to show how you are going to take this crazy role as stepmom seriously.


The first thing I did was run out to Micheal’s craft store and buy a glass vase with a stand and colored sand. A grand total of about $10. Each member of the family chose their own sand color and then during the wedding ceremony, we did some meaningful arts and crafts. First, each person took a turn pouring their unique sand color into the vase so it created pretty layers. This symbolized the fact that each of us where bringing our own unique personalities to the family. Then in unison, we poured each of our sands into the vase so it created a mixture of colors. This symbolized how all these personalities are now coming together in a harmonious way. Then you are supposed to seal the sand with a layer of hot wax so all the sand stays in place, but I effed this part up and now our sand vase is a giant mess. Whatever people. It’s the thought that counts.


Another little addition to my ceremony was when I called my stepkids up right after my husband and I finished saying our vows to each other. I decided to say a little vow to them promising to be the best stepmom I can be. This speech was followed by me giving them and my husband bracelets I had made at Etsy. They were engraved with each family member’s initials and the wedding date. We all still wear them!


The inclusion of my stepkids in my wedding ceremony might seem excessive to some but I really feel like it helped our family start off on the right foot. We felt, and continue to feel, united and whole. Just like I discussed in my previous video with my husband, it is SO incredibly important for the kids to feel included. And what better place to start than at the wedding?

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