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December 21, 2017

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The Stigma in STEP

December 12, 2016

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Fun Family Exercise - in FIVE minutes!

April 7, 2017


I hate to workout. I like it in theory and always aspired to be a gym rat, but it’s just not in my DNA. However, being a moderately vain person, I want to look good and feel good, and therefore recognize that I have to do something to keep myself physically fit (and healthy of course). So home workouts have been my method for years. Did I mention that I also hate cardio and have a theory that the more cardio I do the more I eat and the heavier I become? Thus, my home workouts are usually comprised of classic strengthening moves that are tried and true in the history of exercising. I’m talking push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks and so on. I don’t think there is any need to get fancy and no need to use weights. Using my own body weight is plenty for me!


In this video, I use just five moves: jumping jack, push up, lunge/squat, sit up, and plank. I usually do each move for a full minute before moving on to the next move. Five minutes sounds like nothing but by the end I am usually winded! It’s all about consistency so by keeping it easy, you will be inclined to repeat this little exercise regimen over and over again. Feel free to increase the time to two minutes per move. Or vow to do this five minute stint three times a day. No matter how busy you are, you can squeeze in five minutes! There truly are no excuses this time!


And my favorite part of this exercise routine is that you can include the whole family! What a great, positive way to bond with all your family members, especially stepchildren. It instantly turns an isolating workout experience into a fun family affair that will undoubtedly be filled with some laughs. The moves in this video are easy enough for anyone to participate (even toddlers!) so there are no excuses. Also, people tend to feel good after an exercise so why not share in that joy together. Try it out!

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