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December 21, 2017

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The Stigma in STEP

December 12, 2016

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A Comparative Analysis of Cinco de Mayo & Stepmotherhood

May 2, 2017


As the Nacho Mom, it would be an absolute sin to ignore Cinco de Mayo. Not because it is Mexican Indepence Day (because its not!) but because I can't help but show my Mexican pride and use any excuse to celebrate with a Margarita!


Once I got the wheels churning about how I can link Cinco de Mayo history with the journey through stepmotherhood, brilliance struck. I realized these two phenomenons are exactly the same (well, pretty much). Keep reading for my sophisticated comparative analysis.


But first it is important to realize that Cinco de Mayo is actually the celebration of the unlikely victory of Mexico over French forces back in 1862. So the similarities between this important historical event and stepmotherhood are as follows:


1) The Mexicans, like us at one point long ago, were just hanging out, single and mingling

2) Then, out of nowhere, an outside presence came into the picture and everything changed (i.e. The French a.k.a. your husband)

3) The Mexicans, like us no doubt, were faced with some serious struggles

4) Finally, the Mexicans came out victorious! Just like we will through our perseverance and mutual support.


Very advance stuff I know, but I hope you followed. The most important message to take from this being that if we stepmoms support each other and help one another through the difficult moments, we will prevail! Just like those Mexicans did back in 1862 :) Now grab your margarita (check back to my video with Felix the bartender for help in this department) and have a happy and safe Cinco de Mayo!




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