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December 21, 2017

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The Stigma in STEP

December 12, 2016

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The One Thing That Needs To Be On Everyone's Back To School List: A Conversation with Your Kid

August 28, 2017


When I was a kid, I remember hating back to school time. As an adult, I still hate back to school time. The couple weeks right before school starts I am daunted with shopping lists for school supplies, backpacks, clothing etcetera. I normally love to shop but this kind of shopping is not the fun kind.


It is so easy for parents to get carried away with gathering the materials necessary for the new schoolyear and I started to notice that all the conversations with my stepkids lately have been about Amazon, Staples or the mall. Yes, making sure your child is prepared with the proper materials for school is important but maybe this topic is taking too much of a front seat at this delicate time of the year.


Perhaps we should pause, forget pencils and paper for a minute, and sit down and talk to our children about how they FEEL going into the new school year. I think as an adult it’s easy to minimize children’s feelings because YOU know they will be fine and everything will work out but maybe they don’t know that. Having fears about the new year at school is perfectly normal and as parents I think it is our responsibility to talk to them about this stuff and try to soothe some of their anxieties.


I used what I had and gathered some kids on the beach to talk to them about what they are nervous about starting a new school year next week. Every single kid had at least one if not more issues they were a bit stressed about. Funny, none of their fears were related to school supplies! So, as you prepare for school next week, take a little break from the shopping and have a conversation about what really matters: your children’s feelings.


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