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December 21, 2017

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December 12, 2016

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Stepmoms with Stepkids in Sports

September 12, 2017



Fall doesn’t just mean back to school, it also means the start of fall sports which could be even more intense than school! When I became a stepmom, I had no idea what I was in for with two stepkids that were soccer nuts. Every single weekend there were (and still are) games, tournaments, practices and I seriously could not think of a more un-fun way to spend my free time. Yes, I want to be supportive of my stepkids, but I have always hated watching sports. It’s weird became I’m an athletic person but I have no patience or desire to watch people play sports of any kind. So when I became a stepmom and inadvertently took on this role as cheerleader, I was pissed. Not only did I not enjoy sitting in the cold watching kids run after each other but I also found that it caused so much conflict between my husband and I. Being their number one fan, my husband insisted on going to EVERY SINGLE GAME, no matter how far or inconvenient. We fought all the time and I usually lost. Yet another “game” I disliked.


Fast forward to present day where we I’ve adopted the attitude “If you can’t beat em’ join em’”. I go to most games, but I’m able to stand it because I focus my negative energy onto something positive that I actually enjoy: Food! I now bring delicious, interesting treats for the players (oranges are so last season). By focusing on creative ideas to contribute to the games in my own fun way I can divert my boredom and frustration into feelings of pleasure and entertainment.


Of course if having to show up to your stepkids’ sports games is the worst of your problems, you’re doing okay. But sometimes we all need to vent a bit and sometimes it’s the little aggravations that add up over time and lead to much larger conflicts. Better to get that anger out. Maybe I should join a sports team to release some anger on the field. I would but I don’t think anyone would come watch me!

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