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December 21, 2017

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The Stigma in STEP

December 12, 2016

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Add Some Sparkle to Your Holiday!

November 20, 2017


The holiday season is finally upon us! Yes, the holidays are supposed to be a warm, fuzzy time filled with joy, but in reality, the holidays can bring about lots of stress and frustration, especially for stepfamilies. Visitation becomes an extra touchy subject, gift buying can be confusing and stressful, and forced time with your entire family can drive you loco! Everyone’s family situation is so different so it’s tough to give specific advice that will help your individual grievances. Sure, I could give you some ideas about starting new holiday traditions with your stepkids or provide a gift guide, but those lists are old news by now. Instead, lets focus on some fun, flirty ideas for this holiday season that will undoubtedly lift our spirits. Let’s get bedazzled and shine from the outside, in! Because no matter what family issues you come across in the upcoming weeks, facing them with a fierce, confident-inducing outfit will only help.


OK, I know I sound like a grandma, but my tip to you this holiday is to go out and buy yourself some pins. Go to Amazon and order a bunch for only $5-$10. Add them to your t-shirts, sweaters, or even jeans. It will take a so-so outfit to couture levels. The trick is, make sure you add them in clusters. Don’t just add one pin. Add 2-3 in a bunch. That will avoid the granny look.


I’ve also started adding pins to my winter outerwear! Add a few to hats, scarves or your jacket. I love that you can pull out an old, boring hat that you haven’t worn for years and reinvent it and make it feel brand new. Plus, you’ll be wearing a one of a kind clothing item once you have bedazzled it!


My favorite trick is to rummage through old ribbons you have for gift wrapping and strapping a pin to that and wearing it as a choker! You can use ribbons of varying colors, textures and logos. You can add just one pin and then tie the ribbon at the back of your neck and cut off the excess. Chokers are very “in” right now and having a unique one that is hand made is pretty awesome. And it doesn’t get much cheaper than this for jewelry!


So shine on this holiday season stepmamma! Rest assured that you are not alone in the stepfamily struggles that come with the holidays. But whatever it is that you are overcoming, make sure to do it while looking fierce and feeling confident. I’m telling you, a few pins will go a long way!

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