Even if you have the best of the best situations, all STEPMOMS have moments of weakness because face it, it is an exceptionally demanding role. At any given moment, you have to make sure your spouse is pleased, that the ex doesn’t despise you, that the kids think your cool yet commanding – and the list goes on

     But no matter how stressed those little ones make you, at least you can always relieve some pressure by saying to yourself (I repeat, to yourself): “I’m Na-cho-mom”. This is not meant in a mean spirited way but rather, it is a self proclamation that you aren't there to replace mom. Instead, you're there to add even more love, guidance, support and fun to the family. A stepmom is a very special position and we are here to help you create that unique role within your blended family as successfully as possible.

     You can also delight in the fact that I am not only a stepmom and know what you are going through and can facilitate REAL conversations about REAL topics facing stepmoms, but I am also a Certified Stepfamily Coach and published author. In other words, I know what I am talking about.


     So get your plate ready for some yummy recipes so we can sit, eat and dish about the unique journey through step motherhood together. 




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