Welcome to FAT ASS FRIDAYS where in under 1 MINUTE stepmoms & moms can get booty busting workouts from a latina that cant help but have a fat ass that needs toning and tightening. 

Friday 9/22/17

This move, appropriately called "The Fire Hydrant", will work the sides of your butt. Use the booty belt if you have it or you can do the move without it too.

Friday 9/15/17

Today we introduce the Booty Belt. It is crazy intense! It is $99 on Amazon so its not cheap but its certainly a lot of bang for your buck! If used consistently, your booty will definitely get in shape with this belt.

Friday 9/1/17

In this Special Edition of Fat Ass Friday I sit down with Lisa Lazarus, creator of Pheel activewear. It is so important to not only look good, but to Pheel good too! Use code NACHO15 at www.Pheel.com to get 15% off your purchase.

Friday 8/25/17

As a parent of a small child, I'm talking about shapes constantly so why not incorporate them into our exercise! We're doing the classic leg lifts while down on all fours but tracing shapes with your foot to get even more butt muscles involved!

Friday 8/18/17

Wall sits are a classic exercise for the glutes. Try mixing t up a bit by going up on toe and alternating legs. 

Friday 8/11/17: Lunges

Grab something heavy, strap it to your back, and get lunging! Yes, I'm using my baby as a weight. Hey, whatever works! Make sure you keep those bent legs at a 90 degree angle. Form is super important with these exercises.

Friday 7/21/17: Knee to Toe

You can truly do these butt exercises anywhere! I'm on vacation doing these moves to tone my glutes in my hotel room. No excuses guys! 

Friday 7/14/17: Inner Thighs

I've always had trouble finding workouts that get those inner thighs. After searching long and hard, I have found that this move is most effective in targeting this problem area. Hello thigh gap!

Friday 7/7/17: The Plie

You can do this simple plie move practically anytime anywhere! No excuses! This will work your glutes, quads and hamstrings so the more you do this exercise the tighter your booty will be.